A sweet composition for every taste and occasion

Manufactured with care and wrapped with love. Whoever wants to indulge the palate with their taste will experience the sweet symphony of the Austria Mozartkugeln by Victor Schmidt.

Small Bag

The convenient, resealable litte bag with 264 g of Mozartkugeln holds 16 delicious compositions of marzipan, tender nougat and dark chocolate. Ideal for your own enjoyment or as a small gift for a loved one.

The bag with 148g and 9 pieces of Mozartkugeln is perfect for an enjoyment along the way or if you want to have a special treat just for yourself.

Austria Mozartkugeln im Säckchen

New: Victor Schmidt finest Mozartkugeln white edition

As the newest addition to its assortment, Victor Schmidt has introduced the white edition: a coat of finest white chocolate tenderly infolds the pralines’ centrepiece of delicious marzipan and nougat. Like our entire product range, also Victor Schmidt’s white edition only uses cocoa that is Fairtrade-certified and roasted in-house. Victor Schmidt’s white edition is now available in a resealable bag of 14 pralines (231g) and is perfectly suited for indulging oneself, as well as surprising beloved ones with this particular sweet treat.

Victor Schmidt Mozartkugel White Edition

Gift Wrapper

8 pieces of finest Mozartkugeln introduce themselves in a convenient golden box (132g). Whether as a charming little sign of attention or as a sweet souvenir - Mozartkugeln are always a joyful delight!

Austria Mozartkugeln – kleine Geschenkspackung


For your loved ones or for special occasions, Victor Schmidt offers a big box of chocolates with elegant design, including 18 finest Mozartkugeln (297g). Perfect for bringing  joy to your sweethearts.

Austria Mozartkugeln – große Bonbonniere

3 pcs. Bag

The small but fine bag with 3 pieces of finest Mozartkugeln delights with the composition of marzipan, tender nougat and dark chocolate. As a sweet gift or for indulging yourself.

Austria Mozartkugeln – kleine Bonbonniere