Complex and multi-layered like Mozart's music

The Mozartkugel originated from Salzburg in 1890, the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The multi-layered taste of the delightful praline reminds of Mozart's music, which lead to its current naming. Its inventor - a master confectioner from Salzburg - initially called it "Mozart-Bonbon".


The triumph of the Mozartkugel

In 1900, finally the charming round shape of the "Bonbon" found its way into its name. That's when the Mozartkugel was born and it continued its success story also outside of Salzburg, just like Mozart himself. 

In the 1920ies, the Mozartkugel was already an essential component of the Salzburger Festspiele. With the second half of the 20th century, the Mozartkugel experienced a big boom - people's desire for the sweet delicacy surged. The traditional, manual manufacturing at that time could not cope with the high demand. That's when Victor Schmidt invented a modern method of production, which allowed producing extensive quantities while maintaining the historical recipe and well-known quality.  

Today, the Mozartkugel is very widely known. As a typical confectionery from the home town of Mozart, it is on everybody's lips all over the world. Just as in the 19th century, the unique taste of the Mozartkugel still creates a sweet symphony for the senses.

Victor Anton Schmidt